Flight Tracking
on the Apple Watch

Visualize airplanes, helicopters, balloons etc. around you, without having to reach for your phone.

Available exclusively on the Apple Watch (WatchOS 7+)

Apple Watch exclusive


Built for the Apple Watch

PlaneWatcher was designed specifically for the Apple Watch, providing the best possible experience on this small device. The map rotates to align with the direction you're facing, so you can easily identify aircraft that you see around you. Use the digital crown to zoom in/out and touch & drag on the screen to move around the map.

Unfiltered Flight Data

PlaneWatcher shows you all aircraft, unfiltered, unlike most major flight tracking apps. Made possible by our amazing data provider ADSBExchange, the world's largest source of unfiltered flight data.

Local & Worldwide

View aircraft around your current location or jump to any airport in the world. Use the digital crown to zoom in on a busy LAX or watch aircraft taking off and landing at JFK.

Aircraft Details

Simply tap on an aircraft to see all its details: flight name, registration, type, category, operator, altitude, speeds and more (depending on data availability).

Aircraft Following

Interested in a single aircraft? Follow it as it proceeds among the other traffic. Just tap the little blue dot to exit follow mode and return to the main map.

Multiple Filters

Just want to see aircraft below 10'000 feet, Boeing 747s or only planes from a certain airline? You can filter by altitude, type, callsign or registration. Filters can be combined, too.


Customize the display using many options. You only want to see helicopters and hide all small airports? You can do that and much more...

Complications Support

With many different complications available, designed to fit into all color schemes, PlaneWatcher is always just a tap away.

ABOUT & Support

PlaneWatcher is a self-funded project to bring unfiltered, responsive flight tracking to the Apple Watch.

Thanks for your support!


Frequently Asked Questions

Please check these, before contacting support.

I've purchased the app but it's not downloading/installing!

1. Please open the App Store app on the Watch (not on the iPhone)
2. Tap on "Account" (it's on the bottom of the list)
3. Tap on "Purchased"
4. PlaneWatcher should now be in the list and you can tap its download icon to install.
5. If that didn't help, please work through the steps in this troubleshooting guide.

I'm getting a "No location permission" error or I'm stuck at the "Determining Location...." screen. What can I do?

On your iPhone, go into SettingsPrivacyLocation ServicesPlaneWatcher and choose "While Using the App".
If that's already selected or you can't find PlaneWatcher in that list, please delete the PlaneWatcher app on the Watch (tap and hold the icon) and re-install (see the previous question for instructions).

I'm getting a Network Error!

Please check if other apps can access the Internet. If not, make sure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled, by checking them in the Settings app on the Watch.

My problem is not solved or I'm having some other technical issue!

Almost all issues can be solved by an app re-install, restarting the Watch and/or your iPhone, or by unpairing/pairing the Watch (using the Watch app on the iPhone). If all that didn't help, please send me an email and I'll do my best to troubleshoot the problem!

Some of the aircraft data is inaccurate or missing.

Aircraft data is provided by ADSBExchange, augmented by various third-party databases. Please check the ADSBExchange Radar View first, to make sure that data is processed incorrectly within the app, before sending us a report.

Why can I see traffic that is not visible on the major flight tracking websites/apps?

Our data provider ADSBExchange is the world's largest provider of unfiltered aircraft data, collected by a huge community of volunteers from around the world. Learn more about how to get started as a feeder.